It is a quiet invasion

Something akin to “The Invasion Of The Body Snatchers”

The movie classic about aliens who come to earth and duplicate humans

Plant pods that replicate the human when the human falls asleep

The duplicates look like the original but they can’t quite capture the persona or personality of the human whose body they have snatched

Yeah, exactly like that

The quiet invasion of which I speak

Begins one root at a time

Black strands no longer connect to the scalp

Instead insidious gray roots

Crawl in


Nothing like the original

Stubborn and wiry

Refuse  to be tamed

Refuse to hide

The goal, conquer all

Lulled into a false sense of security by Lady Clairol

You drop your guard

But one day

You look into the mirror

Just an innocent glance

Then a double take

In the reflection you spy the second wave

Your chin under Gray attack

Hair grows where it never grew before

The first wave of that second wave is black

Irritating but not easily spotted by outsiders

Don’t drop your guard

The Grays are on the way

You will lose the Battle of the Chin

A never ending battle

Long gray hairs sprout

Grow from an unwilling chin

Tweezers are your weapon of choice for a counter attack

But you must remain vigilant

Ever watchful

For the enemy does not rest

Until it has conquered all

Gray in unmentionable places

Clothes that cover the saving grace

Even so

You will eventually realize

The Grays are always victorious

The moment you begin to pluck at them in your eyebrows

Until you realize all that is left

Are remains of what once was

Forlorn patches of hair

That will never return to glory days

Hover over surprised eyes

No need for a white flag

The Grays have already raised it








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