real_housewives_logo-9401They are stunning in their expensive jewelry and designer clothes.

There is never a hair out of place on their well coiffed heads.

Their make-up is always on Fleek.

They live in magnificent homes and drive luxury cars.

People who can’t be them, want to be with them.

They are surrounded by individuals who hang on to their every word and while always agreeing with them, never dare to tell them the truth.

They spew malice out of expensively tinted lips and are applauded from the sidelines by the lookie-loos.

Gifted with abundance, there is a poverty of spirit, of hope, of compassion, of understanding

They act out in public, perhaps because of private grief.

Surrounded by one another, they stand alone, wrapped in self-righteousness and self-approval even as they yearn for acceptance and validation.

Sighhhhh. . .


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