Random Revelations

I have had some interesting dreams lately, rather enlightening dreams, as a matter of fact. Yesterday’s post about Peter came from a dream. Another which I have not yet posted about “write the vision” is pending. Each dream has left me with a message for application in my waking hours. Here are some “thoughts” from a dream a few days ago:

I must give my feet to Jesus in order to walk in His humility
I must give my hands to Jesus in order to do God’s will
I must give my heart to Jesus in order to show forth genuine love and compassion
I must give my mind to God in order to follow Jesus daily

“Just a closer walk with thee; Grant it Jesus, if you please. Daily walking close to thee; let it be, dear Lord, let it be.”

Even when we are asleep, God speaks.


Peter, who had been supernaturally released from prison, stood knocking at the door. The young girl, Rhoda, went to the door. When she heard his voice, she got so excited that she did not open the door but ran back to tell the others who were praying for Peter.

Peter is at the door,” she announced. The others turned to look at her and mildly scoffed as they declared, “You’re crazy. Peter is in prison.”

They returned to their praying and the girl returned to the door.

“Yep, it’s Peter, alright.” She returned to the pray-ers. “Peter is at the door.”

“It must be his angel,” they said, but girl kept declaring “Peter is at the door” all the while Peter continued to knock and the pray-ers kept praying.

Finally, the pray-ers went to the door. When they saw Peter standing there, they were astonished.

My point: How long has it taken you to accept God’s answer to your prayers, to recognize that your miracle, your blessing, the answer, is right outside your door?

When Peter shows up, CELEBRATE!



Some years ago, I took a poetry class. It quickly became evident to me that the professor did not care for me. She rarely gave me positive feedback and one class she made me so angry with her subtle suggestions that I quit the course that I wrote a poem, “I Am Not A Quitter.” I do not remember the professor’s response to the poem, but many years later I ran into a woman who had been part of the class. She reminded me of the poem, that she had kept a copy and had posted it on her refrigerator. Her husband, who had lost his job, saw the poem and was inspired and challenged by it, so much so that he took charge and did not let the situation take charge of him. That poem (which I had forgotten about by the way) changed his attitude. She asked for my address and sent that we’ll worn copy back to me. I don’t know why I remembered this story this morning, but someone needs to know that even the little things you do may have a huge impact on someone’s life so don’t give up just because there is no applause for you today. I thought I wrote that poem for me, but it was really for that one man I have never met in that season of His life. ‪#‎Godsmysteriousways‬ ‪#‎ineedtoframethatpoem




2 thoughts on “Random Revelations

  1. A total surrender. But “I am weak but thou are Strong!” 😀 Share the poem one day!


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