All I Need Is A Little Support

“The next time I go to Atlanta, I want to go to Livi Ray’s”

If you listen to my radio show, “Issues After Dark: Ladies Night with Donna,” then you know I am not a big fan of those “Wives” reality shows. The sheer rachetedness (wretchedness) of most of those women and their stupid antics drive me up a wall and I too often find myself screaming at the television screen. I watch these programs, as often as I can stand them, because they are fodder for talk show conversation, what not to do in front of millions of people.

You also know, if you are a listener to the show, that I do like those quirky reality shows, shows that are not mean spirited but a little eccentric mixed with a soupcon of crazy.

One of my favorites these days is “Double Divas,” thus my opening statement. It is a show about two women who own a lingerie store in the ATL (Atlanta for the uninformed). Molly and Cynthia’s accents are so thick you could spread them on hot biscuits, but I love their passion for what they bring to the world, good fitting, right fitting, form fitting bras. I loved the trailer for their show in which they rapped about what “the good Lord gave you.” So fun.

Now, men, you will not understand this at all, but a lot of women wrestle with finding just the right bra that is kind to the girls, one with just the right lift of perkiness without wires that torture you throughout the day and one that fits so well that you do not have double boobies. Ask your wife, she will school you on the challenges of keeping the girls in place as the years pass by.

Molly and Cynthia are on a mission to right the wrongs and ills of bad fitting bras, quick to accost women on the street, the server at a drive through window, waitresses in restaurant, aged strippers who still take it off in a place called the Claremont (not a pretty sight at all, the seasoned senior strippers, I mean), the woman whose breasts are in the Guinness Books of World Records (she still needs a good bra to lift them as much as possible), et al. They are like brassiere bloodhounds when it comes to bad fitting bras.

They are also Good Samaritans, providing a bra solution that will hold ice packs for a woman who has arthritis of the rib cage as well as fitting a young woman with no arms who had the ongoing problem of her bra straps falling off her shoulders. Cynthia even created a bra for a female bounty hunter that has a holster for her gun (did I mention the bullet proof corset she made?)

The show is just a lot of fun. The two women are friends and they genuinely seem to like each other. The customers who come in and out of the lingerie store range from the very conservative who want to test the waters of sexy lingerie as well as unclear on the concept men to want to buy something sexy for their significant others (which really means for them) to women whose breasts are full out in your face before you actually see their face.

The show makes me laugh and though it may not be your cup of tea, it is the right fit for me.

By the way, there is a new show called “The Shed,” all about this barbecue place in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, so far, so good and tasty for my reality show palate.

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