Thank You!

Revisited some notes I posted on Facebook and deemed this piece worthy of a blog

In everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you….

~1 Thessalonians 5:18


To the man who saw me as nothing mor than  another conquest which forced me to pack my bags and leave small town Texas which resulted in my meeting the man who would become husband/pastor/mentor/encourager……Did I forget to say “Thank You?”


To every woman who has measured my worth by the outside me that forced me to re-evaluate and re-style the inside me which resulted in my not being intimidated by the prestige or beauty or social standing of others…….Did I forget to say “Thank You?”


To the agency that decided to right-size and sent me packing after ten loyal years which forced me to reassess my how I valued myself which resulted in my enjoying ten wonderful “retirement” years of being Wife, Mom and Ministry Partner…..Did I forget to say “Thank You?”


To every person who, after declaring how much they loved me, walked away from me without a backwards glance which forced me to embrace the “new normal” which resulted in my moving out my comfort zone into God’s purpose for my life……Did I forget to say “Thank You?”


To every man who defined my place in life by my gender which forced me to look to God for my identity which resulted in me taking steps of faith into ministry without fear or doubt……Did I forget to say “Thank You?”


To that one who never saw any talent in me which forced me to sing even if no one ever applauded which resulted in my singing before the Lord without fear, hesitation, or need for human confirmation……Did I forget to say “Thank You?”


To the publisher who liked what I wrote but still rejected it because I didn’t have a following which forced me to rethink why I write what I write which resulted in my writing for the sheer joy of writing and not for any material gain…..Did I forget to say “Thank You?”


Well, here it is!  THANK YOU! Couldn’t have done it without you!!


To the God who raised me out of my lethargy, pulled me in His direction and commissioned me to speak in His Name……Did I forget to say “Thank You?”


                                                    HALLELUJAH AND THANK YOU!!!!

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