A New Season

When I first sat down behind the microphone of the Religazine Media Group (www.RMGradio.org), it never occurred to me that I would become part of the team “engaging the culture where we live, work and worship.” When Dion asked me, “What’s your passion?” I replied, without hesitation, Discipleship. I came to Christ in my early thirties, even though I had been in church all my life. I often say that I was a church girl, very skilled in church work, but no clue as to the work of the ministry. Up to the point when I was confronted with the gospel, I had no relationship with Christ, not even a nodding acquaintance, so when I knew beyond a doubt that I was saved, I got in a hurry to learn that which had been neglected for so long in my life. As I saw it (and still see it), I had wasted more than half of my life doing the church girl thing.  Discipleship, my thing, always, and I always seem to work Luke 9:23 into talks and workshops no matter what the topic might be. My goal is to poke everyone into considering where they are in their walk with Christ, no matter what the forum might be.

Here I am today, still passionate about discipleship, but also very much aware of this new task of speaking to a group of people I may never meet but many of whom may begin to think of me as friend. I must consider the message I share with those listeners who need to be posted on the things that are relevant to us as humans, but who also need to be encouraged as followers of Christ, or introduce the unsaved to a Christ who loves them right where they are. I think of the women and the pastors wives who wrestle with life as they multi-task their way through their days longing for someone to come alongside for support and encouragement. I think of the men who may be startled by this female voice who is, ideally, a counterpoint to Dion’s bold and brash takes on the real world in which Christians are called to engage and effect change.

Martha Minuzzi sings,”It’s a new season.” Isn’t that what life is all about, the changing of seasons, moving from one period of time to another? Sometimes the season is barren; sometimes it is cold and isolated and sometimes we are surrounded by abundance. But, whatever the season, we must never lose sight of the goal which is to honor and glorify God in all that we do.  I just never imagined that I would have the opportunity to do it behind the microphone. “It’s a new season.”

By the way, I will post my thoughts and revelations to this blog after each show. Feel free to throw your thoughts right back at me.

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